Cardiff Castle in Newlands, Cape Town is now a top eating out/entertainment venue

One of the reasons why I so enjoy property ownership – and property development in general – is that improvements in this field have the ability to transform an area and to give it a new appeal, often to the surprise of those living there. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Cardiff Castle complex on the corner and Main Street and Kildare Road in Newlands, Cape Town which has been in the Rawson Property Group’s portfolio for some 16 years now.

This 1,000 m2 double storey building has always been a popular meeting and socializing place.

Anchored by Barristers Restaurant and owned by Lance Chandler, we at the Rawson Property Group have, I believe, turned it into a veritable gourmet food lovers’ paradise. Following certain long overdue changes to both the interior and the exterior, we have been able to bring a range of complementary food servers into the complex, all of them upmarket – and now all very popular too.

Included in the list are Melissa’s, the delicatessen (this was the second outlet that they established), the already mentioned Barristers, with its outdoor deck where alfresco meals can be enjoyed seven days a week, Gogo’s Meat and Biltong Deli, which in many people’s opinion sells the best meat, prawns and langoustines in the entire Cape Peninsula, Cassis Paris Patisserie, a confectionery/bakery which sells the most scrumptious cakes and bread that I, for one, have ever tasted, the Sushi Box, sited at the back of the building and which now employs three chefs to prepare mouth-watering sushi dishes eight hours a day and the ever popular Wine Concepts, which sources its wines from all the better large and small wineries throughout the Western Cape and which organizes some very enjoyable wine tastings.

The idea that the Cardiff Castle food outlets are mainly for the affluent is, I have to point out, disproved by the bar-type lunches that are obtainable from Barristers. These can cost as little R40 and are always excellent. Moreover, the dishes served are not only purely those of the bar type – seafoods and other exotic offerings are always available.

I want, therefore, to recommend the Cardiff Castle outlets to all in Cape Town.  The whole atmosphere, in my view, epitomizes what makes the Cape Town Southern Suburbs so appealing to so many: sophisticated people meeting to eat good meals in attractive surroundings and at a reasonable cost. That is a combination that you don’t find everywhere and certainly not in the more popular Gauteng and KZN venues.


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