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Hot tips for the property sector

Throughout South Africa there is a new interest and a flurry of activity surrounding residential property – and the prospect of making profits from it. Property publicity in some of the big centres is now as effective as it is for certain retail goods – particularly motor cars. The advertising and related information dissemination has [...]

Multiple person bond applications

This may come as a surprise to some, but the growing band of buy-to-let investors in South Africa will find that the banks are not averse to multiple person bond applications these days – indeed, they actually encourage this type of bond because it enables them to spread their risk – and if one of [...]

When is it acceptable to mortgage a home to finance a business venture?

When reading the life stories of successful entrepreneurs it becomes clear that, very often, at some point in their careers they have mortgaged their homes to finance their businesses. Conversely, anyone examining the books of South Africa’s more successful property investors today will often find that they have multiple bonds on a wide range of [...]

Pay off your bond above the minimum rate

My most satisfied colleagues in the property investment world are those who, taking the advice that is often suggested by the Rawson Property Group, pay off their bonds at above the minimum rate for fairly lengthy periods of time. I have actually done this wherever possible on my own property portfolio and I can testify [...]